I must start this off by saying that I myself am a Christian. There are certain things that anger me whenever I hear things about how I am somehow “unChristian” due to the bands that I listen to. The fact of what people do using their own freewill regarding music should not make them any less of a human being or a believer in God. In my opinion, the point of Christianity is to build community with a common belief, not locate barriers to knock people down based on their likes and dislikes PURELY based on the fact that it is different or that the songs  may have subject matter that disagrees with certain things. Take for example the PMRC and their “Filthy 15”, the ruling became the reason there is parental advisory labels on CDs.

Parental guidance is what is supposed to happen, instead of saying no to begin with and the children find out for themselves. Listen to it with them and let them ask you so they can learn from you. It seems like when you lock your children away from the world, and they will not know what to do when it hits them. A lot of people look down on Rock and Roll artists because they may have one or two songs that are about horrible subjects. Judging an entire artist based upon one song is the exact same as judging all Christians by what the Westboro Baptist Church does.

Exhibit A: Kiss. Here is a song that is called “heaven’s on fire”, this song is about sex….clearly. Haven’t heard it? here is the link below.

So why put a song like that? This is one of those songs that would cause people to make judgement’s like,”No I hate Kiss, they don’t represent my views”. “People who listen to them are evil sex fiends.”

When in reality this is who Kiss is.


There are plenty of other cases about bands using their influence to cause good in their community.

To end this article, I will talk about what faith is. Faith, comfort, and protection are found in God if you are a Christian. In the book of Romans, chapter two, verse 11 it says that God shows no partiality. In other words, just because someone listens to a certain type of music that does not mean that said person should be looked down on, it means that he will love that person just as much as the person who listens to nothing but Christian songs. Also, when Jesus came here, he went did not go to the people that were perfect and already believed in him, he associated with the outcasts and that is what him so great and powerful.

-Corey Decker



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