Rock and Roll would not be where it is today without revolutionary women, it was a difficult task ranking the top five due to all the talent that is out there. If you feel we missed any feel free to leave a comment.

1.Stevie Nicks: Oftentimes referred to as the “Queen” of rock n’ roll, this Arizona native got her start in a group called “Fleetwood Mac”, she was the lead voice on songs like “Landslide”, “Dreams”, and “Gold Dust Woman”. After she left Fleetwood Mac she went solo and then turned into a pioneer in the music industry.

2.The Wilson Sisters (Heart): This group is a testament to the term “femme fatale”. The reason they’re booked here at number two is not just because of their massive successs. But also because one of their greatest hits, was written as a screw you to promoter that asked Ann how her “lover” was . Not realizing it was her sister Nancy.

3.Joan Jett: This badass chick said screw you to all of the major record labels that denied her and criticized her band The Runaways. By doing what ? Creating her own label and becoming one of the most iconic women in Rock N’Roll history both creating hits for The Runaways and herself as a solo artist . Eventually landing her in the hall of fame.

4. Pat Benatar: This trailblazer defined a generation , singing about difficult topics head on and creating hits off of them. If you watch movies like Fast Times At Ridgmont High, you can see all the women who styled their hair and wore clothes to match this icon.

5. Lita Ford: Also a former member of the runaways, Lita decided to go solo and ended up very successful . One of the things she is most known for is a duet with Ozzy Osborne called, “if I close my eyes for ever”

Once again this was not an easy task, please feel free to leave a comment if we left anyone out !

-Corey Decker


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