In the 1980’s, when Reagan was president and people feared the nuclear holocaust, the rock artists of the day came out with some of the best love songs that have ever been played; whether they were played on a cassette or a 45 record that you had to reset every 3-4 minutes.

These love songs would always follow the romantic cliche of a boy and a girl. Yet these songs were the music that many of our older viewers, and the parents of our younger ones would listen to with their significant others. Whether on a date, or during intimate times, the songs hit them in the heart in ways that their own words could not do. The band Whitesnake has a special song, from 1987, that asks us, Is This Love?

Whitesnake might have had a catalog of love songs, but they were not the only one’s with awesome love songs that one can rock out to. In the year 1982,  Asia, the band not the continent, came out with this number called Heat of The Moment.

Finally, there is just one song that always sticks in my head as a pinnacle of 80’s rock n’ love songs; although I might want to fly in one, Starship made their song, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, a song about two lovers going through life without anyone stopping them and their love. This song is just awesome to listen to; if you play this song in front of your parents, they most likely will remember those lovely summer nights and teenage escapades.

Even if you may not like the lyrics and “lovey-doviness”of these songs, you can still appreciate the music and the instrumentals of an awesome genre of rock. So please give them a listen, you may be surprised by what you listen to here.
-Gabriel Fattu 



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