It is that time of year once again, when the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame announces who will be inducted and people vent their opinions and distress about who got in or even who did not. Personally I thought The Cars were a shoe-in but that is another article.

Among the inductees this year was Tupac and last year was NWA. Which begs the question, what is rock and roll anyway? I would challenge those to name five bands they consider to be soley rock and roll and nothing else. Rock music as a whole has a ton of sub genres, stuff like Punk Rock, Glam Rock, Arena Rock, Soft Rock, Hard Rock, and of course Classic Rock.  So what is Rock And Roll? 

To me, Rock and Roll is an adjective or way of life, it is not a genre of music. That is what the muesuem is about, it is about the artists that even though they rocked society, they made a massive impact and kept on rolling without looking back. 

Throughout the hall of fame you will see a wide range of genres. Not just rock. You will see Metal, Pop, and even Country in some cases all with little to no outcry from the public. 

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is not just an achievement for selling a ton of albums, it is recognition for changing the world.


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