This week we focus on a song that proves songs do not always need words to evoke strong feelings. The song we are focusing on is called “I know you are here” by Steve Vai.

Here is the song

The lyrics are:

You’re in my head
I pray for your voice every time I slip away
Though I don’t understand

The reason I’m grounded here in eternity
Help me to save my soul
Surrender unto your grace

Take me right where I stand
You know that I know you’re here.
Clearly judging by the words, this is a very spiritual song, it touches on the idea of faith through just this one, tiny, section of lyrics. Through the difference in the tones of the guitar and how they are very artfully crafted in such a way that it almost makes you want to pull up a chair and just get lost in the guitar. When the lyrics come in, it paints a picture about faith, which is one thing that makes this very song extremely necessary in today’s society.
There are two things that we can learn through this song, and that is sometimes we do not need to voice long anecdotes in order to make our point, and that faith is one of the most important things someone can have. Whether it be faith in family, in religion, or just faith in humanity, it is a driving force that keeps people pushing forward.
Just when you think it can not be any more awesome, the whole song is performed on a guitar that has three necks.

Please be sure to return next Wednesday for the next song of the week.

Also, from everyone here at Go ROCK Yourself, Happy Thanksgiving.


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