It seems that Rock and Roll has lost it’s edge in today’s society, in the cold war, bands took to the stage and the studio in order to rally support. What do they do now? Oh they just boycott whatever venue has the issue that they are against. For example, all the artist who just decided to boycott and cancel all their shows in North Carolina because of their controversial LGBT laws.

Who does that really hurt? If one was to really think about it, why boycott the venue for something the state did, unless of course the state itself owns the venue and would get a large amount of the proceeds of that particular show.

However even in that case, who pays for the tickets and the merchandise so the band can make money? Last I checked it was not the state that they are in. It is the people who actually fill the seats, they are called fans. These are the people that are actually hurt when a band boycotts a venue “just cause” it is pure laziness and nothing more.All the money fans spend on tickets just get flushed down the toilet in a lot of cases. Not to mention the age of some of the bands, it may be their farewell tour and the fans would never see this band again. Rock bands do not have the pull they think they do, it is much more damaging to go into their house and make a statement, rather than just not play at all.

Having someone like Bruce Springsteen cancel a show, is not the same as the NBA all star game backing out of Charlotte, now that is a huge hit. The reason is that with any large all star game in major sports, there is a whole bunch of other events that are with it. Not to mention all the fans that come from all over the country to come and witness the best vs the best and a possibility to meet some of their favorite players.  When a rock artist cancels a local show, they do not have a whole bunch of people coming out of state to watch the band play. In most cases fans will just wait until the band is in their state to go and see them.

So what do I suggest? How about play the show, don’t hurt your fans that spend all that money to come and see you. What about making a statement at the actual event, that way you are practically being paid to oppose them and have a rally for whatever it is you believe in.

Here is an example of this happening, at the 2016 Republican National Convention, Third Eye Blind took the opportunity instead of just backing out. Now that is Rock and Roll. (See video below)


As much as I disagree, I have got to respect these guys for actually going out and standing up for what they believe in.  It is something that is missing in music that matters now a days.

In short, this world needs more artists like Joan Jett and less artists who are too afraid to stand up for what they believe in. There are artists who speak out, but their actions lack the spirit, or the actions are flat nonexistent.


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