December 12,1970, Jim Morrison’s final concert with The Doors before his passing. Reports find that he was in the middle of what would be known as a downwards spiral which in turn cost him his life.

In the midst of this downwards spiral, there were a lot of venues in America that actually banned the  band from playing at their establishment. The reason for it is because of Jim Morrison’s reckless behavior, just the year prior, he had been arrested onstage in New Haven, CT for an altercation with a police officer backstage

The story as it is told from the keyboardist of The Doors Ray Manzarek, was that Morrison was doing something that a lot of rock stars did, he was backstage making out with a woman. The police officer that worked the concert backstage did not recognize Jim, had told them to vacate the area, to which Jim Morrison so eloquently replied, “eat it”. After this the officer then pulled out a can of mace and said, “last chance”. The singers response to the warning was, “last chance to eat it.” Which then, as you guessed it, earned him a face full of mace. Later on the officer than apologized to the band and to Jim for macing the lead singer of the very band he was hired to protect. Talk about a bad day at work.

Also previous to the New Orleans show, on March 1, 1969, The Doors were playing a gig in Miami, and Jim once again found himself on the wrong side of the law as he was charged with exposing himself in public, a charge similar to public indecency.

After these two incidents the band went to the studio to record what would become their final album, LA Woman. The New Orleans show was one of only two tour stops, mostly because as previously stated there was a ton of venues that banned The Doors purely based off the fact of how unpredictable Jim Morrison was on stage. It would not have been a smart idea to bring this man on stage during this stage in his life. Which is a terrible thing to say but with the track record I can not say as I blame the venues.

What no one saw coming, even with the high amounts of drugs and alcohol. Was that seven months later, He would discovered dead in a bathtub in Paris, France. Something tells me that the people that were at the Warehouse that night, did not realize that they would be the ones that would see The Doors’s final, final concert.




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